Tanya Walsh (“Blue”)

Costume Maker, Standby, Wardrobe and Designer


The Journey To Here


“Costume making and dressing is not just a job: it’s my life, my love and my passion, and I put that zest and energy into every costume I make and every set that I work on.”

With experience of working in the theatre, film and television industries in a broad variety of roles including costume maker, dresser and standby, I am also skilled in the specialisms of dyeing and breaking down fabrics and garments, wig dressing, millinery and shoemaking.


I am also well-versed in designing and delivering a diverse and eclectic range of styles and period wear from Edwardian drama to science-fiction and from contemporary romance to medieval comedy.  Stage and screen skills also include the creation of historically accurate costumes, foundation wear and corsetry, and adapting garments and costumes for physically demanding performances such as ballet.

Additionally, I have acted as wardrobe supervisor and stylist for music videos in the rock and RnB genres. And I have substantial experience designing bold and elaborate costumes for events within the “cosplay” and LARP (live action role-play) arenas, creating unique and inventive twists on famous fantasy and sci-fi characters as well as devising completely original characters from the wildest depths of my imagination!

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