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Screen and Stage Credits 

Screen Credits : Welcome

Disney Studios - Snow White 

Costume Maker

Marvel Studios - Fantasy Feature 

Costume Maker and Leather Work

Rogue Films - TIk Tok - Commercial 

Costume Maker and Leather Work 

Star Wars - Fantasy Sci Fi 

Costume Maker

Bridgerton - Regency Period Netflix 

Junior Costume Maker 

The Phantom of the Opera

Costume Maker and Alterations

The Royal Opera House 

Costume Maker and Alterations 

Screen Credits : My Clients

Commissions and Cosplay

This is just a small example of my body of work for myself and my clients as a designer and maker. If you would like a bespoke garment or costume, please contact me using the Contact page.

Screen Credits : Text
Screen Credits : Pro Gallery
Screen Credits : Gallery
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